Benefits of Sigma Delta ADCs
Due to the complexity of designing baseband antialiasing filters with sharp transitions, it is beneficial to use sigma-delta ADCs for data conversions in communication (voiceband and audio) applications. In order to appreciate this benefit, consider the following single tone signal using a standard ADC, sampled in the time domain. (more)

Practical Telecom DAC Testing
Telecommunication applications require high linearity and high bandwidth. A desirable direct conversion radio transmitter, for example, could consist of a DSP processor feeding matched quadrature DACs, followed by a quadrature up-conversion to RF. Ignoring many practical details, this single hardware platform could service a broad spectrum of modulation schemes (AM, FM, QPSK, CDMA, OFDM, etc.). Slight variations of this architecture will appear in most radio transmitter designs. (more)

Analog Test Bus Enhances Mixed-Signal Debug and Characterization
In today's complex Mixed-Signal and SOC designs, there is a high demand to provide enhanced test capability while using limited pin resources. Testing the various Intellectual Property (IP) blocks has become an important task in verifying that the block is functionally sound and performing to design specifications. (more)

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